A Fresh Start ... Now Serving Sandwiches & Salads too!

We have been Naperville residents for 26 years and customers of the Great Harvest we now own since its opening in 1992. As the third owners of this local bakery, we are pleased to continue to serve the community with the very best, fresh-baked from scratch whole-grain breads and sweets they love.

A Naperville destination for over 25 years, we are bringing a fresh, clean look while keeping the core products intact. Our products are made by hand from scratch daily. We mill whole wheat berries from the golden triangle in Montana on site. We offer free slices to all customers. In the better weather months you can find us in various adjoining town farmers markets. In September 2017, we completed our remodeling project and launched a full sandwich, salad and grain bowl menu.  Now you can enjoy a fresh, made-to-order breakfast or lunch while visiting us.  We customize gift baskets, ship anywhere in the U.S and can accommodate catered events, office lunches and family gatherings.

We are delighted to come in as the third owners of this bakery to continue to provide Naperville and its surrounding communities with the very best testing,  fresh-baked wholesome bread and sweets you can find.  As long-time Naperville residents and customers of Great Harvest ourselves, we feel great about offering you and your family products that are not loaded with preservatives and made from simple ingredients with time-tested processes and recipes.  Did you know our core Honey Whole Wheat bread is made with only five ingredients (whole grain wheat flour milled right in our bakery every day, water, yeast, salt and honey)?  Read the labels of the breads you can buy anywhere else and you will find much more additives and things you cannot even pronounce...why put that into your body?  Same goes for our delicious scones, cookies, teacakes and muffins.  

Our bakery also looks like no other Great Harvest out there. We operate under a “Freedom Franchise.” The “Freedom” part means that we get to run our business in a way that meets our community’s unique needs. The “Franchise” part gives us access to the recipes and processes that Great Harvest has continuously improved for over three decades. That results in us being able to provide you the products you prefer and in a setting we hope you will find pleasant and comforting each time you visit. 

Thanks for stopping by, we’re glad you came!   Please ask for us next time you are in...we would love to meet you!

Peggy and Larry Boik - Owners 
  • We add no artificial ingredients, conditioners or preservatives.
  • Every morning we stone mill high protein whole wheat into the freshest and most nutritious flour possible. Nothing's added or removed. This is the magic of whole grains.
  • We're a 'low tech', old fashioned, made-by-hand from scratch bakery.
  • We use the best, most pure and wholesome ingredients. 
Great Harvest Bread of Naperville & Downers Grove